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Project XIV is a creative team specialising in the production of innovative digital content and visuals for a collective of brands, musicians, athletes, entertainers and influencers.


The team features a wide range of creatives including Adobe curated artists who have already reached over 13 million people worldwide. 


 It's time to bring your vision to life and join the project.

Our Services 

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3D design has opened up stunning possibilities to the creative industry and continues to break barriers in terms of what is possible in the digital and social world, and that is something we want all of our clients to experience. Our designers are consistently innovating and creating content in an incredibly fast-moving industry.



With a young ambitious team of artists and designers we are a fully functioning design studio. Adobe curated illustrators to art directors, digital and UX design through to high end retouching our design team will be able to fully service your brief.



XIV is constantly looking to innovate and break the boundaries of what is possible with visual storytelling. Whether that be incorporating our other creatives with 3D design and motion graphics or looking into utilizing the new 360 and VR world. We are constantly researching and producing content to ensure our visuals are setting the latest trends. Blending our professional approach with our ambitious and creative themes of modern editing trends.

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Animation and motion graphics are transforming the media landscape and XIV wants to bring those possibilities into the digital and social world. Ranging from 2D to complex 3D animation and modelling, our team will be able to service your creative needs.

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